Specialized in yachts and cruise ships

Comfort and quality are results of exact planning and meticulous execution of projects- 2cooperate follows both as objective and as its guiding principle.

Special features such as lightweight material, optimum function under limiting circumstances or high-stress and durability, often require the skills of a master carpenter and draftsman. Good thing, if there are additionally years of branch experiences, to match preferences of the owner with those of the designer, as well as considering the insurance regulations.

With years of experience, finesse and negotiation skills, 2cooperate supports the interior fitting and furnishing of ships. With specialized services and supportive expertise, for superior yacht building as well as interior fitting of cruise ships:

Using every centimeter efficiently- with perfection. Which units to install when and how, determine the best time frame in fitting individual furniture or setting deadlines for design coordination and extensive furniture orders. Your specialists work under high pressure from the idea to the interior architectural implementation- their measurements have to fit exactly. At times, a view from the outside may help, in order to achieve the imagined plan holistically, or integrate manufacturing and assembly of exclusive furniture.

The interior finishing of ships is one of the most complex tasks – and also the most fascinating. Producing custom furniture from high-quality materials or creating an exclusive ambience requires detailed planning. Even before construction, inspecting construction conditions and logistics may contribute to the quality and timely completion of the furnishing. With craftsmanship and technical expertise, we plan sophisticated furniture and furnishing solutions for any finishing area, assist in creating extensive furniture lists, and organize and procure loose furniture. Always professional, we holistically plan all projects and collaborate with you.

Putting ideas down on paper- or digitally on a screen, so that everyone involved can work on the same prevalent requirements. What starts as a vague idea evolves into a graphical draft and takes shape in our design drawings. Clearly structured, with specified dimensions and fittings, complemented with information about materials and the planned furniture. Detailed sample drawings serve as basis of technical drawings for wood processing or for the development of drafts. So that every small detail on the furniture, every screw connection in the most confined space, radiates exclusiveness.

Drawing, design and construction of interior fitting and furnishing in yachts and cruise ships belong to the core competencies of 2cooperate. Certainly in two and three-dimensional CAD application.

Your visions become reality - thanks to detailed plans and perfect implementation. While you’re working on multiple projects, Marcus Duwe 2cooperate gives you support and relief. Having more than 25 years of experience in designing ship interior, we manage complex or partial projects, such as furnishing entire spaces or manufacturing and assembling exclusive solitary furniture. From choosing the right material, to detailed drawing and coordinating assembly work, from project control to final inspection, we keep an eye on everything, while being in agreement with every party involved- all for scheduled completion, optimal quality and your unique interior.